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How It Works?


Subscribe to and purchase electricity from a local community solar project based on your current utility provider and an estimate of the amount of electricity your household consumes in a year.


Receive a credit on your utility bill from your utility provider every month for the amount of electricity the household uses.


 Guaranteed savings off your current bill!
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Why Choose Solar?

With the rising costs of energy, subscribing to Community Solar will save renters and homeowners money.


Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on our planet.

(National Renewable Energy Laboratory)


Solar energy is a renewable source of power, so it plays a major role in reducing the effects of climate change. This is crucial to protecting our planet.

(US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy)


Solar energy improves air quality because the technology does not produce air pollution or greenhouse gasses.

(US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, US Energy Information Administration)


Solar energy reduces the water usage associated with other forms of energy production.

(US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy)


The solar industry is very diverse and is at an all-time high across most measures of diversity.

(Solar Energy Industries Association)


Environmental justice and equity are instilled in the solar industry.

(Solar Energy Industries Association)

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Solar is an inclusive concept that allows all households to save money and participate in the green energy movement without purchasing and maintaining expensive rooftop systems.  By subscribing to a Community Solar project, you are receiving a portion of the electricity produced from a local solar farm.  This is open to all residential and commercial customers including renters, homeowners and business owners.  

No catch, no fees, no panels to install or repair!  There are no fees to join, maintain, or cancel your subscription.  You can cancel at any time.

Yes, although the amount will be lowered.  You will see your Community Solar savings in the form of Bill  Credits itemized on your electric bill for the amount of solar energy you consumed in the previous month. Please watch this video from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities which can help to explain it further

See Examples for your electric company:

Public Service Electric & Gas Company [Click Here]

Atlantic City Electric Company [Click Here]

Jersey Central Power & Light Company [Click Here]

Rockland Electric Company (aka Orange and Rockland Utility Company) [Click Here]

The time period will vary based on the project and construction status of the community solar project you subscribe to.  Oftentimes, the community solar project that you subscribe to is not built yet and or is under construction, so it may take 6-12 months before you start to see savings – this is a normal part of the process and should be explained by any solar subscriber organization you work with.

Although you are subscribing to a community solar project before it is complete, you will not make any payments toward your subscription until the project is complete and your panels are generating your clean power and savings!

In other words, there is no cost or commitment to sign up and you can cancel anytime. 

In many ways!  We are creating green energy jobs in your community and hiring local residents.  For every new subscription, we are donating $100 to a local nonprofit partner and you can choose which one to support.  Just one example of our support for local nonprofits; our website was built and maintained by Hopeworks Camden.

Solar energy is a renewable source of power.  The use of renewable power reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves air quality, reduces water usage, mitigates climate change, and protects humans, habitats, and ecosystems.

Yes, the Community Solar project owner, for each project, indicates what savings are offered for each project and what the savings will be in the future.  Each project owner owner has a different offer which will be presented to you when you subscribe. 

The savings will be reflected in a percentage discount from the credit on your bill.  For example, if your bill shows $100 community solar credit, and your contract offers a 20% discount, you will be billed $80 from the community solar project.  So your net savings for that month would be $100 Community Solar Credit – $80 subscription fee = $20 savings that month.

Generally speaking, Yes!  Solar project owners have varying programs and offer different savings programs and qualifications.  If you participate in one of the following programs, you may automatically qualified for additional savings:

  1. LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
  2. USF (Universal Service Fund)
  3. Lifeline
  4. Comfort Partners
  5. Payment Assistance for Gas & Electric
  6. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
  7. SNAP

If you do no participate in one of the above programs, we may be able to qualify you based on your address or income levels, including if you receive social security, disability, disable veteran and other assistance programs.

Each project is different, and the savings offered will be different.  Some solar project owners offer the same discounts to all subscribers while others offer separate discounts to low-moderate income subscribers, please make an appointment to speak to our customer service department to find out the best opportunity for your household.

If you move to a location within the same electric distribution territory, your subscription will not change.  If you move to a new electric distribution territory, we will need to cancel your subscription and subscribe you to a solar project in the new territory.  

For example, if you receive power from Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G) and move to a location that is still served by PSE&G, nothing will change.  However, if you move to a location served by Atlantic City Electric Company, we will need to subscribe you to a local solar project owner within Atlantic City Electric Company territory.

Community Solar Circle LLC made a “Pledge Agreement” with each of the nonprofits that govern the relationship and specifically address how and when the donations are made on the company’s behalf.  The donations are typically made after the solar projects are generating power and you receive your first electric bill credits and pay your bill to the Community Solar project owner.  Maintenance of the account for six months is required for the donation to be made.  

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